Friday, December 30, 2011

end of the year

end of the year.. been a crazy year hell of a ride, went through cool shit, awesome shit, bad shit, depressing shit, just all kinds of shits.. hehe shit hehe :) but one thing is for sure that it went by to fucking quick, i apologize for the cursing i was watching Jay and Silent Bob strike back.... lost a lot of people, through death and just stupidity i lost my hero, my inspiration Steve Jobs, one of my favorite wrestlers Macho man randy savage and the beautiful Ms Amy Winehouse... i also lost friends but only one meant the most i called her a needy bitch and she said i was fake -__- whatever but in the sadness i had awesomeness im a straight A student for the first time ever in life, i realized im indestructible, i ran over my hand, took a hook to the knee, hung myself, overdosed, candled waxed in the stomach, swallowed a battery and every time i recovered and came back stronger im like a fucking terminator... also i stopped being quite and started telling people whats on my mind, bad things happened but good things happened too. also i gotten more closer with my awesome friend Ereni which is great cuz the two of us are a lot alike...... also i made a big decision i was planning on leaving Ny and moving away for good to lovely Idaho but im staying put  but i do still plan on going there to live in the future...i managed to keep my partnership program with YouTube and Google this year even tho i made no videos but 2012 will be my comeback and hopefully i wont get flagged and have my account suspended again.... the worst thing about this year is my cousin struggle with her fight with cancer she's been fighting for almost two years but it now seems that its winning :( its hard to bottle up these sad feelings, i dont want it to come out, everyone else in my family shows sadness around her but my father and i dont, we make her laugh and make her forget all about it but its tough... i saw her thursday and she was in the hospital and i wanted to cry seeing her with a oxygen mask and the look of suffering in her eyes but i bottled it up and stay strong for her.. i know that she wont live through this (i was told by her parents) but i wont think of that ill think of her contagious laugh and awesome personality... shes like Zeus to me......... but i dont wanna end this with a sad note so ill end it with this 2011 we had good time... kept the friends that means the world to me except one ( Roselene), im sober, still in school and im finally ready to find my lucky lady.... also my dick grew like half a inch :) yay lol have a safe last day of 2011

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