Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1st blog

hello bloggity type people today is december 20th and this is my first time blogging and oh what an experience this will be. 
First i would like to say is Happy first day of Hanukkah no im not a Jew but i love this holiday and Jew's are pretty sweet :) 
i literally don't know what to write but here we go... my name is Kevin im a 20 year old kid from brooklyn i live with my parents and sister i go to college i attend College of Staten Island i was planning on attending NYU but i was rejected but thats whatever i gave it a shot.. i carry a 3.7 GPA i have great friends and great family i love orange juice and im a huge nerd lol :) i also love crossing the line on sensitive topics, i thrive on controversy since i was a youngling i loved crossing the line for example when i was 12 i went to my teacher Sister alice ( went to catholic school) and i said "Fuck Jesus" lol the shock made her faint and she hit her head heard and was concussed.. i got a easy punishment Detention for the school year my parents whupped my ass so i got off easy.. i was a catholic until about the age of 16 i just stopped believing but i dont judge others for believing in it but i just think god is a fairy tale for adults and a way to manipulate kids in being afraid thats someone is always watching them -_- when i have kids it'll be my wife's choice for when they are younger but as they get older its up to them..idk what else to say lol ill think of something else but for now my name is kevin and this is good bye 

PS its going to be a crazy ride here.... i have a lot to say and a lot to get off my chest ;) stay tuned 

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