Monday, February 13, 2012

R.I.P. Evelyn Carolina Dubon

February 8th 2012 5:40 PM i got a call that ripped me to pieces. i couldn't believe it. i didnt want to believe it. My father called me saying she was gone i hung up and quickly called my mom and she hung up as well and rushed to the hospital i went upstairs to tell my aunt lourdes and blanca the heart breaking news.. they left to the hospital as well. i stayed because i didn't want to believe it i felt as she went to sleep and they were over reacting.. but slowly it was hitting me that she actually passed. i told my sister and it crushed her i told her its okay that shes finally in peace and not suffering..... i went to my room and didnt leave till saturday night .. my sheets are soaked from tears, they smell like tears. i tried killing myself but the string wasnt strong enough to hang me.. i was raised to not show sad emotions to people so i continued to cry alone.. i spoke to no1 i didnt speak to anyone until sunday morning when i went to the mass and then the funeral which made me feel worse.. everyone said the usual stuff.. "hey how are you? im sorry for your loss, how are you dealing with it, you'll be okay"... only 3 people at the funeral actually helped me feel a bit better that was my former teacher Mrs. Lopez, her daughter and my good friend Melanie... my own family couldnt help me, i broke down and cried in a corner.. Saying goodbye was difficult.. i went home and cried even more... i cried myself to sleep and woke up late so i had to rush to go to the final mass for her.. i was happy i got to help carry the casket i didnt cry at the mass or carrying the casket but i lost it when the started the lowering the casket into the ground and it sounds cheesy but i wanted someone to hug me and say its okay kevin.. ill always miss her, ill possibly never recover, ill try suicide once or twice but i wont do it because thats not what she would want, if she saw me like how i am now she would say "kevin quit being such a pussy and stop crying" lol she always knew how to make me laugh she had a direct line to my funny bone but thats gone.. now when i think of her ill just cry my eyes out just as im doing now... i love you carol and im sorry that i didnt see you when u passed and im sorry that i never got to say how much i love you and cherish you i love you prima.. you are the greatest

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